macZOT Pivot [Link]

February 21, 2013 by Gabe | [mmd] | ℳ↫

From the macZOT email news letter:

I've had a blast working with people developing products, starting businesses, and pivoting existing business to better align with today's market.

I remember when macZOT first came on the scene. I spent a lot of money with them and bought a lot of apps. In a way, macZOT contributed to me writing on this site by giving me exposure to apps at a reasonable price. The times have changed and macZOT has fallen behind in an age of the Mac AppStore. It looks like they understand that and want to do something about it. They are looking for ideas and trying some of their own. The first experiment is $100 for a one-on-one with the founder and a week of group discussions about your projects. It's not for me but sounds valuable to someone.