1. Practical Tags in Pinboard

    October 05, 2014 by Gabe | [mmd] |

    Shopping Bookmark

    In case it's not obvious, I think Pinboard is just great. I use it for anything that has a URL I want to remember. But it also means I have about 15,000 bookmarks. That's where tagging comes in handy. I use several types of notation for my ...

  2. iPhone 6 vs. 6 Plus

    October 05, 2014 by Gabe | [mmd] |

    When I was eleven, I had a "beach cruiser." It was a steel and chrome behemoth of a bicycle. It was two times too big for me and I'm pretty sure it weighed more than my mom's Datsun. But, I road that behemoth five miles every day to ...

  3. Pinswift Update for iOS 8

    October 03, 2014 by Gabe | [mmd] |

    I’ve always really liked Pinswift as an iOS Pinboard client. It was the first client to support full text searching for archive accounts and the design is interesting and useful.

    The 1.3 update brings several welcome enhancements and support for the new iPhones. My favorite new feature is ...

  4. Schrödinger's Shift Key [Link]

    October 02, 2014 by Gabe | [mmd] | ℳ↫

    Allen Pike on the current nightmare of the iOS shift key:

    So, I filed another Radar. Perhaps, with time, they can find it in their hearts to make a change. A change to the shift key - the most important issue of our time.

    Seriously, this has to be something that ...

  5. Dawn Patrol 3 [Link]

    October 02, 2014 by Gabe | [mmd] | ℳ↫

    4 nerds at the crack of dawn talking about big phones, bigger hands and perpetual motion cats. My saturday mornings are my favorite mornings.

  6. Answered for nvALT and StackExchange [Link]

    October 02, 2014 by Gabe | [mmd] | ℳ↫

    More fantastic work from Brett Terpstra.

    Once loaded, you can click any answer on the page and it will be converted to Markdown (including comments and source links) and returned.

    I use Pinboard with notes to track my StackExchange gems but this is really powerful too. Importantly, the notes are ...

  7. A Couple Bash Patches

    September 30, 2014 by Gabe | [mmd] |

    Apple’s bash patches for major OS X versions. Direct link for Mavericks.

    Synology has a patch too but it should be available through the automatic updates.

  8. The Deadly Stupidities Around Ebola [Link]

    September 29, 2014 by Gabe | [mmd] | ℳ↫

    Not much more to say. It's just sad.

    chew-toys for halfwits

  9. MacUpdate Bundle with Scrivener and iStat Menus [Link]

    September 29, 2014 by Gabe | [mmd] | ℳ↫

    MacUpdate is currently running a bundle sale that includes Scrivener 2.5 and iStat Menus 5 for $50. It's a pretty good deal if you were already planning on purchasing this software. There's other good stuff, like Ember, if you need the deal sweetened a bit more.

  10. iThoughts 2.0

    September 28, 2014 by Gabe | [mmd] |

    There's a beautiful update to iThoughts for iOS available now. There are a number of bug fixes but two of the biggest new features are x-callback-url support and highly customizable map themes.1

    The formatting options in iThoughts are as simple or complex as I want to make it ...