Hi, I’m Gabe Weatherhead. I write here for my own entertainment and hopefully yours. This site focuses on Mac and iOS related material with a slant towards the technical.

I followed a reverse wagon trail from California to Boston many years ago. I’ve been everything from a mechanic’s helper monkey to a research scientist. I’ve been in school for over half of my life, which has led to a PhD that I no longer use. I like science, beer and computers. Not in that order.

I also like to show people things that they might find helpful. I love Macs but live with PC’s. I enjoy learning new things about both.

I hope you like what I produce here. Either way, comments are always welcome. Don’t be a dick.

If you would like to contact me directly, send email to gabe at macdrifter dot com.

Twitter: @macdrifter

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My Setup

If you're feeling voyeuristic, here's my setup. Or read a brief interview over on BitQuill.

About the site

This site is a static blog running on Pelican. All of the design work is original and 100% owned by me.

But if you are looking for an awesome designer, Erik Hess at High90 is one of the good ones.

I'll happily make anything available for use, but don't Samsung me. Take it and make it better. Better is a good goal.