If you want to know what I’m all about, here are some things to consider:

  1. I run this site at a loss.
  2. It’s mine.
  3. I own stock in Apple, Netflix, Nuance and IBM.
  4. My "endorsements" are things I like and use. I don’t get any money for them.
  5. I do a weekly sponsored post. It's clearly marked. I may do paid ads some day. I’ll update this list if that happens.
  6. I’m not a professional programmer. My code sucks.
  7. I take no responsibility for my code that sucks.
  8. I’m a Liberal because I care about human beings.
  9. I’m a scientist and do not tolerate bullshit science or logic.
  10. I may use bad language.
  11. I work for a pharmaceutical company.
  12. I will write more about things made by nice people.
  13. I do not write sponsored reviews or evaluations.
  14. I hate lists.